Course curriculum

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  • 2

    [Module 1] Attraction & Recruitment

    • Attraction (Building an employer brand)

    • How to grow your employer brand

    • Recruitment

    • How to improve your hiring process

    • Interview skills

  • 3

    [Module 2] On-boarding and Development

    • Induction, Orientation & On-boarding

    • Induction Program

    • HR Policies & Procedures

    • Employee Development

  • 4

    [Module 3] Performance and Reward

    • What is Performance Management?

    • Performance Appraisal

    • Performance Management vs Performance Appraisal

    • Compensation, Benefits and Reward

    • Types of Reward

    • How to create a salary structure

    • Summary

  • 5

    [Module 4] Employee Engagement and Retention

    • Employee Engagement

    • Motivation vs Engagement

    • How to keep employees engaged and motivated

    • Retention

    • Employee Retention Strategies

  • 6

    [Module 5] Separation & Succession Planning

    • Separation & Succession Planning

  • 7


    • Conclusion

    • Course Presentation Slides

    • Guide to Setting up HR Processes and Team


Funmi Uzor

Having run a niche recruitment website for teachers for over 3 years, one of the recurring questions I get from employers is around staff retention, “how do I keep my teachers and other non-academic staff from leaving within a year of their employment?”. This led to my decision to create this online course to help small business owners across all industries improve their employee retention rate as well as their profits.


  • What is this course for?

    This is a crash HR online course for business owners that provided fundamental information on how to recruit, retain and manage employees to get the best out of them.

  • I'm interested in HR as a career, is this course for me?

    This course is basically an Introduction to HR. So it is also ideal for individuals who want to go into the HR profession.

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